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Down to the Lizards

The Meat Hook Manifesto

The Full Hot Orator
1 October 1971
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I work in book publishing and while away my spare time by pelting the innocent with foodstuffs, speaking in gibberish, and knitting humorous cummerbunds.

sometime my brains be all jumble up

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Lock the gates, Goofy, take my hand
And lead me through the World of Self
$240 worth of pudding, a clockwork orange, a confederacy of dunces, ace frehley, all my nuts, allman brothers, ambivalence, american movie, apathy, astro zombies, baseball, beavis and butt-head, black sabbath, boiled peanuts, boing boom tschak, bonin' in the boneyard, books, boom shanka, buffalo '66, building cakes, burger king, butthole surfers, calvin and hobbes, charles bukowski, chick tracts, coen brothers, crazy snappin', crispin glover, damone's five-point plan, dog gumbo, don martin, dropping science, editing, edward albee, el duce, english, faith no more, fast times, fearing jammie the clown, firehose, fishbone, flannery o'connor, freak day, fried pickles, frippin' in the krotz, fubar, fugazi, george carlin, ghouls night out, goat necks, goats, gonzo journalism, gov't mule, guitar, gummo, gwar, he hate me, heavy metal, horny goat weed, hunter s. thompson, iron maiden, jackie earle haley, jane's addiction, jesus lizard, jimmy page, john kennedy toole, jose peterson, kids in the hall, kiss, language, lard, led zeppelin, linus van pelt, literature, lonzie, lonzie jesus, lubricated goat, meat puppets, mike watt, ministry, minor threat, minutemen, misfits, mississippi, mississippi state university, moe szyslak, more cowbell, mr. pibb, music, my fascinating snake hips, neck face, neil young, new haven, new orleans, new york city, oak mot, obey, peanuts, penitentiary ii, perpetrating, photography, pinball, potato guns, prank calls, primus, procrastination, public enemy, publishing, quone, raoul duke, rat catching, ren and stimpy, ridgemont high, river's edge, rocks and garbage, s.o.d., salvador dali, schroeder, scorned woman hot sauce, seinfeld, shoot dog, slayer, sneezing in the cabbage, soundgarden, stanley kubrick, starkville, suspect velveeta, the allman brothers band, the french quarter, the guys get shirts, the million-pound shithammer, the misfits, the pixies, the simpsons, the stooges, the young ones, throwing cows, tom robbins, uncle goddamn, vincent gallo, waffle house, walking the cow, washburn guitars, where's my hasenpfeffer, white trash, whoremonger, wonderful wino, words, writing, yo mama