The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

GRACK. I just had a frappuccino freakout. Yanno those Starbucks shits that ya get at the convenience store--those little overpriced bottles of fuckin' mocha caramel cream filth? Yeah. I had one of those here at my desk, and before I started to drink it, I absentmindedly shook it up. No problem, right? I mean, it says "shake me" right there on the cap. But it doesn't say "shake me BEFORE you open the top, fuckhead," and perhaps it should, because I had cracked the top before I shook the bottle, and of course sticky-ass candy coffee crap went ALL OVER ME, and I feel very silly and depressed about this. I feel so sad. So now I'm confined to my office until I can escape at lunch and go grab some new clotheses from the apartment.

I have a real problem with foodstuffs.
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