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Say what you want to about Udo Dirkschneider, but that man could write some deep-ass lyrics about easy riders.

I think they may have been deep, anyway. Actually, I never have any idea what Udo is talking about. But it makes me laff every time I hear him squawk about easy riders.

London Leatherboys
Walking down the main street, I see a city's face;
boys dressed in leather, girls dressed in lace.
See the easy riders, they're roaring down their way.
They need to give full speed ahead.
They've been bunched together to keep their crazy life.
They turn on the power, get wrecked every night.
Got some kind of feeling looking in his eyes.
I feel the power surge to a head.
London Leather Boys. Nightmare's pleasure. (What you've done?)
London Leather Boys. All together.
After all the roaring, the sound of silence scares.
Girl of the leader cried in his arms.
Don't you see the danger when we are running wild?
Please stop the games; it's getting late
London Leather Boys...
Swearing that you would do, he could not even say.
Boy dressed in leather, boy died in pain.
They're the easy riders, but heroes die too fast.
He was more than the best ot the bunch.
Best together. Lousy leather. Say what's better, all together!
London Leatherboys...
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