The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

It's Lonzie Jesus' second birthday today--or this is when we're observing it, anyway. The shelter didn't have an exact date of birth for him, and he's too coy to tell me himself, so I had to pick a date that was somewhere in the ballpark. I figured what better date than April Fools' Day? This day also is my half-birthday--I'm exactly 35.5 today. Anyway, I got him some catnip and played a rousing game of Kill the Sock with him, and he's all nodding out in a junkie haze right about now. I'd have gotten him some treats, but he eats absolutely nothing but dry cat food--he spurns all treats and table scraps. Nutty bastard.

I got on a movie-watching kick last night. First I saw Edgeplay: A Film about the Runaways. Very, very good and unexpectedly sad. It did suffer from the absence of Joan Jett and any original Runaways music (Jett blocked the publishing rights), but still, wow. The scenes with drummer Sandy West were particularly moving, especially after I Googled her and learned she'd died from lung and brain cancer just a few months ago. Very sad.

Next I watched Sherrybaby. Excellent movie--maybe a little slow-paced here and there, but it's never boring because Maggie Gyllenhaal is so captivating. Great performance.

By the way, are any of y'all using the new Netflix feature where you can watch movies online? With the regular $18 plan, you get 18 hours per month of online watching included. I tried it for the first time last night with those two movies, and it works pretty durn well. Not all their movies are online, of course, but enough are to be able to find something to watch, for sure.

So finally last night, I watched a downloaded screener version of Black Snake Moan. And it was exactly what it was supposed to be. Samuel L. was fucking great. That movie must have totally bombed, huh? I didn't hear anyone talking about it, and it's already gone from local theaters. I enjoyed it, though. Of course, I'm twisted.

And then, this afternoon, I finished watching something I started a week or so ago--Rocky Balboa, jebus help me. :( It actually is not as bad as I'd anticipated--I mean, it's not what I'd call a good movie, but it did have a little of the spirit that made the early Rocky films so maddeningly satisfying. Much better than Rocky V, which, I swear, should have had Stallone sent to jail for crimes against decency.
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