The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

. . . and I'm back at work. Damn that.

I'm wiped out! I was good and rested when I got up Saturday morning--the weather was so awful Friday night that we didn't go out. We just watched a movie and went to sleep early. But then I had to lug my . . . luggage (is that why it's called that? because you lug it?) around subway stations and up to the street at Grand Central to catch the shuttle to Laguardia. I got to the airport around 2:30 to find MASSIVE lines for check-in. Most people had been there for a day or so because of all the cancelled flights. But for some reason they let the people who had tickets for Saturday with no changes go to the front of the line, so that cut down my time in line considerably. Of course, after I got through security, my flight was delayed by an hour and a half or more--which didn't really matter because I was looking at a three-hour layover in Charlotte anyway. I finally made it to Birmingham around 10:30 central, then had to wait forever for my bags to show up, and then I wandered around the garage with bags in tow for a good fifteen minutes because I couldn't find the section I parked in.

Anyway. All that is to say that the next time I travel, especially to New York, I'm taking clean socks and underwear, and that's about it. Heavy suitcases suck dick.

Yesterday was flippin' beautiful here in Alabammer, which was nice because I had to drive to Stark Haven to pick up Lonzie. It was nice to see the redbuds blooming and the other trees getting green. When it gets to be mid-March, I expect some fucking SPRING, not snow and ice, by dog. I never did get used to the late spring in the northeast. It was actually completely appropriate that I would get blasted with snow and ice on the last couple of days of my trip--like Mother Nature was telling me that I just THOUGHT I had escaped. ;) Other than the last two days, though, the weather was nice, and I got to spend a lot of time outside. I seem to have even lost a little weight from all the good walking, too--when I was bringing stuff in out of the car yesterday, my jeans scraight fell off my ass.

Lonzie tried to act all coy and shit when I showed up at Grandmother's. He seemed to really be digging it there! Grandmother spoiled him by letting him watch the Animal Planet channel all week. That cat flippin' LOVES the TV lately. Grandmother said Lonzie was really sad his first couple of days there and wouldn't eat or drink, but after that he was happy as a clam. I could tell he was glad to get home last night, though--he slept right up next to me all night and didn't even try to grope me.

I'm craving oysters on the half-shell again.
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