The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Every time I go through the checkout line and see Britney's chrome dome on the cover of the tabloids, I always hear George Costanza in my head: "She's BALD, Jerry!" Every freakin' time.

And yesterday in the checkout line, I had the most random memory and started laughing out loud and looking like a madman. Something--who knows what--reminded me of Wes's Members Only jacket that he had back in the 10th grade or so. He was wearing it in class one day, and this douchebag kid named Anton was sitting behind him. Anton had the genius idea to paint "EAT ME" in Liquid Paper on the back of Wes's jacket. So of course it was ruined, but Wes's mom wasn't willing to throw it away--she cleaned it off the best she could, but the letters were still pretty visible. She didn't care. Sure enough, for months after that, Sue Snow could be seen grocery shopping at Kroger in a Members Only jacket with "EAT ME" faintly printed on the back. And over twenty years later, I randomly thought of that in the checkout line and started smecking like a fool.

This amuses me to no end:

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