The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Urrggh. I did a whole lotta fuck-all this weekend. Shoulda been Christmas shopping or somesing, but all I managed to do was sleep a lot and fuck up my shoulder somehow. I don't know if I slept on it wrong or what, but it's been hurting off and on--and get this, it's making NOISES. Like if I move my arm in a circle, the left shoulder makes these rapid popping noises. WTF?

Hmmm. The right shoulder makes a little noise, too, but it doesn't hurt. Weird.

Shoulder. What a queer-looking word.

Last night I dreamed that i was hanging around in a student union or something, and a new Ratt video came on. I remarked to someone how sad it was that they sounded like Warrant now (as if sounding like Ratt wouldn't have been bad enough). Next thing I knew, I was watching a live band featuring someone who may or may not have been Me'shell Ndegeocello. She started saying that they had time for one more song, but they hadn't prepared anything more. So I yelled out, "SUPER FREAK!" mostly as a joke. But the rest of the crowd was all AWWWYEAH, so she said they'd play it, but they needed someone to stand in for one of the guitar players. I volunteered, but they picked the dude standing next to me. I got pissed off and went up to the stage and told the singer to give me her bass. She did, so I strapped it on (ahem), and we launched into the worst version of "Super Freak" ever played. Nobody except me seemed to have any idea how the song went, and I was having a hard time with the bass because it was fretless. Finally the song fell apart entirely, and the singer had to apologize--at which point my mom very tactfully asked her from the balcony if her band was always this bad.

Oh yeah, I did watch some movies this weekend. I saw Unknown White Male, which is a documentary about a guy who supposedly lost his memory and had no idea who he was. I dunno. I had a hard time buying it. Looks like there's been a good bit of debate about whether the guy is for real. This guy from the Washington Post seems to think he's a fake, but this dude from the London Times thinks he's for real. Weird. They'll probably find out he's in cahoots with James Frey.
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