The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Best name I've seen this morning: Rachad Wildgoose Frazier.

Random factoid of the day: Ronnie James Dio is 64 years old. Or 57, depending on which account you believe. But I like thinking that he's 64.

I'm enjoying the cool weather. I love being able to open the windows at night cuz I sleep better that way, even if doing so twists my sinuses up like little weiner packages. I like cooler weather as long as I know it's not going to get very cold for very long. Deep South winters I can deal with.

All this Borat news is crasy. Mahir is threatening to sue him, two of the drunken fratboys ARE suing him, other people in the film are expressing dismay at being duped, and some guy repeatedly punched him in the face in New York after he said he wanted to make sex with his clothings. Can you imagine if any of this stuff actually ends up in court? Would Cohen actually show up in character as Borat? The mind reels.

I hear that Trent Lott is campaigning to become minority whip. Weren't we supposed to be rid of him a few years ago? I guess the voters of my former state had something to say about that. :\

I met Trent Lott one time when he spoke at MSU and I was working for the school paper. He scared the life out of me. His hair was particularly frightening. I think it's made of some sort of space-age plastic. And I've never forgiven him for acting like he didn't know what I was saying on that TV call-in show when I asked him if it was true that then-governor of Mississippi Kirk Fordice was a little lesbian midget boy who stood ten feet tall with a knife.

I was in a mood to clog my arteries last night, so I went to KFC, but they didn't have any spicy chicken left, so I went to Waffle House and got some greasy goodness. While I was there, I got to hear two old men discuss the horrible effects them jala-peeno peppers can have on one's rectum.

Speaking of Waffle House, check this out: I love the way that woman says "side order of nekkid."
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