The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

i go see Borat moviefilm this weeknd. very nice! it were a great success.

Seriously, it was very funny, but somehow I was the tiniest bit disappointed. I think part of it was that I was in a bit of a pissy mood, but somehow the movie didn't make me laugh as hard as I thought it was going to. I think the trailers revealed too many funny parts, too, so I was seeing some of the jokes for the twelfth time.

But ANYWAY. It was still a great time, and I'll probably go see it again. Definitely recommended for anybody who likes the funny moviefilms. Oh, and my hometown of Starkville makes a cameo appearance. Look for it on the weather map when Borat is on the local newscast.

MSU played Alabama here in Tuscaloosa this weekend, and I am very happy to report that State won. All season I had been dreading coming in here after a State loss and hearing all these Tide fans talking shit. But the Dawgs came through. In yer face!

Lonzie was excessively buck wile this weekend. He kept attacking my feet while I was trying to sleep. At one point he even started crazy snappin' at my fingers, which he never does. I think I need to get the boy something to kill. Maybe I should have let him catch that bird last weekend.

And DOOD, I had the nuttiest dreams last night. In the space of one dream, I encountered just about every family member I can imagine, and we were moving effortlessly between two or three different houses in Starkville, my stepbro's place in Philadelphia (where I've never even been), downtown New Haven, the French Quarter, and some other unnamed place in Mississippi. I think it was Christmas, and we were having some crazy feast at a fancy restaurant, which eventually turned into my grandmother's house. Toward the end of the dream, we had groceries delivered--carts and carts of milk and ice cream and seafood and who knows what else. And I was flipping out at whoever had ordered all that stuff--"How many fuckin' fridges do y'all think we have in this house?!?"

Weirdness. And it was one of those dreams that picked back up after two separate trips to the bathroom. That's always the way it works. Sometimes I'll wake up from a good dream, like Phoebe Cates shaving my back or something, and I'll DESPERATELY try to get back to sleep and pick the dream back up. It NEVER works. But bad dreams and those freaky WTF dreams will pick back back up with no problem, even with a bathroom interruption.

Yes, I'm aware that lately this journal is little more than a recounting of my dreams. I don't have a lot else going on right now. :P

P.S. -- I've never actually dreamed about having my back shaved (it's not even hairy, in case you were wondering). That comes from something my friend Cooter said one time. We were all sitting around drinking and smoking, and Eric related how much he'd like to have some girl come over and give him head. Wes said, "Yeah, man, that would be so excellent . . ." Then Cooter went, "Yeah . . . I sure would like a pretty girl to come over and shave my back." It was at about that point that I had to get up and leave. That's the kind of thing that the "TMI" term was invented for.
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