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I dreamed I was shacking up at the house I grew up in with some lady and her two small children. We were in the middle of cooking one day when we heard the little boy scream, and we went in the master bedroom to find the big plate-glass window shattered. I kept looking at the window, and finally I found a bullet hole. Then the DEA agent from the TV show "Weeds" came in and told us, "Don't worry--they're just trying to show us they mean business." I was like, yeah dude, that's what worries me.

What's up with all these dreams with people pulling gank moves on me and shit?

Speaking of "Weeds," do any of y'all watch that show? I've been hooked on it, which is rare for me. Every week, I'm on usenet the day after it airs, waiting for it to be posted. But the show is kinda pissing me off. For weeks I've been thinking that it's just getting to be a little much. Every character has all these crazy things going on, and the whole thing just gets more and more outlandish. It's crazy for the sake of being crazy. Anyway, I saw the season finale earlier in the week, and sure enough, it ended up being this big-ass cliffhanger with nothing resolved. So now I have to wait for the third season, but I really can't imagine where the show could possibly go from here.

Egad. I've just gotten all bent out of shape by a television show. Somebody slap me.

I did almost get slapped in traffic the other day. I looked in the rear-view mirror, and the woman behind me was yelling and gesturing at me, and I had no idea why. So I gave her a real slow bronk dog (see icon). She flipped the fuck out, shooting the bird back at me and craning her head out the window to curse me. And for some reason, I just started laughing like crazy. I didn't get mad at all--I was just tripping on how nuts she was. Of course, that just made her angrier. She carried on like that for several blocks, and the whole time I was cracking up. What made it even funnier was that her kids in the car were laughing their asses off, too. (Yes, she had kids in the car.) It reminded me of the time in CT when that woman was opening her car door (while she was driving) to scream at me, eventually jumping out of the car and throwing up signs at me. Actually, though, the CT woman really scared me. This lady was just funny.

I really need to be more selective about the bronk dog. I'm gonna hit somebody with that and get totally killed one of these days.

My friend linked me to some Gwen Stefani song that samples that "Lonely Goatherd" song from The Sound of Music. And now of course that song is in my head, and Someone. Will. Pay.
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