The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

OK, I discovered what the deal probably is with the cops leaving the card on my door: Hate crimes haunt Northport community. My apartment complex is mentioned in that article.

Fucking hell! It's so fuct. The complex is nice and extremely quiet, and the realty company has people patrolling the ground at night--but gah, that's some crazy shit right there! I just talked to my next-door neighbor, who's the receptionist at the press, and she said that the cops had been by her place last night to see if they knew anything. She's the one who had "KKK" keyed in her cars about a week after I started here.

It's enough to make me think maybe I should take that "Whitey will pay" sticker off my car! I got enough problems without a buncha racist redpecker crackerwood fucknecks after me.

Sometimes I feel like this dood. (That's one of my very favorite George Booth cartoons. Please, someone buy me that T-Shirt. Please, for the love of dog.)
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