The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Hmmmm. It seems that Dave Eggers is the screenwriter for an upcoming Spike Jonze–directed adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. I'm very dubious about this.

Saturday I went to Birmingham to get a new monitor, and while I was over there, I went to see Little Miss Sunshine. I'd heard good things about it, but for some reason I was prepared not to like it—maybe because Greg Kinnear is in it. I dunno. But anyway, I ended up loving it. Smart, funny, and touching. Alan Arkin rules, and even Kinnear is good.

I'm going to start taking squirt guns to the movies with me so I can douse annoying people. There was a gang of aged flicktards who laughed uproariously at every other line in that movie. I mean, it was a funny movie, but not a laugh-a-minute yukfest—but these fools were like a Brady Bunch laugh track.

I've seen twenty fucking movies in the theater this year. I mean, not FUCKING movies, but, yanno, movies.

Do they even have adult cinemas anymore? That's gotta be a weird scene. I remember there being a XXX drive-in just outside the city limits of Starkville when I was growing up. It was funny as hell because it was owned by the same people who ran the straight theaters in town, so when you called their line to see what was playing, you'd get listings for all the movies at all their theaters. They had this cat with a raspy voice, and you'd hear: "Now playing at the State Theater, E.T. . . . Now playing at the Lakeside Drive-In, a big double feature: Young and Wet and Honeythroat."

Did I ever show y'all my MSU alumni coffee mug? Methinks they coulda used a proofreader.

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