The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Oh my god, I have a new favorite site: Small Town Misfit: A selection of police blots from small-town papers

A selection:
Waynesboro, GA
Police responded to a report that a 50-year-old man hit his 46-year-old sister with a dead raccoon at their home on Hillhouse Street last Friday.

The woman told police the altercation began when she accused her brother of letting someone use her outside water spigot.

She said her brother began cursing and yelling at her, saying he did let someone use her water. He then struck her in the face with a dead raccoon he had been cleaning.

The man told police he did throw the raccoon at his sister, but only after she hit him with her phone.

Police noted the brother could not give a written statement at the time because he was intoxicated.

The man retrieved his property from the residence and left without incident. Officers advised him not to return.

I've always enjoyed reading those things. I should submit that one about the mechanical arm.
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