The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Man, it's going to be quite interesting reading about local politics around here. I heard a radio ad the other day from the Alabama Legislative Democratic Leadership Council that announced plans for a "Covenant for the Future." Call me crazy, but I get a little suspicious when I hear politicians use words like "covenant." Sure enough, I checked out their site, and the "Faith & Values" section of their plan promises to:
1. Pass a constitutional amendment confirming that all life is a gift from God and should be protected; and that life begins at conception
2. Require public schools to offer Bible Literacy as part of their curriculum
3. Defeat any efforts to redefine marriage or provide the benefits of marriage to a same-sex union

Motherfuck these people. And these are the DEMOCRATS, my frens.

I'm gonna start a Coven for the Future. And I'm gonna pronounce it "coe-vin" like Mark Borchardt, cuz he's an AMERICAN, and he was in a flick called AMERICAN MOVIE, and covens have been around in this country since probly the Salem fuckin' Witch Trials, and if you can't get down with witch hunts, baby, you ain't my kind of American. If we're gonna inject religion into our politics, let's do it right and KILL SOME FUCKIN' GOATS, WHOOO HOOO IT IS ON

Ahem. Sorry about that. I sort of lose control a little bit when I'm possessed by the unholy spirit, especially when it comes to politics.

Anyway. I also saw an article in the Birmingham newspaper today that mentioned the city police chief's characterization of the recent upturn in violent crime as a Satanic attack against the city caused by her own outspoken Christianity. If that's not an argument for public officials' keeping their cake holes shut about religion, I dunno what is.

Oh yeah, all this talk of religion in Alabammer reminds me that I never reported on seeing Talladega Nights a while back. The crowd didn't find the whole Baby Jesus thing funny at all. I was busting a gut when Ricky and Cal were envisioning Jesus as the singer in a Skynyrd cover band, but except for me, the theater was pretty silent. The gay storyline, however, had the place erupting with groans and vomit noises.

Pluto got totally dissed, yo. How could they do that to Pluto? Muphuggas aways picking on the little guy.

I'm really jonesing to see a good movie in the theater, but most of what plays here is crap.

Tuscaloosa is just a teensy bit more crowded than it was a couple of weeks ago. I think the fall semester started or somesing. I think there's some sort of local football team that's going to go rolling soon. I'm not really sure.

Speaking of semesters starting up, I've noticed myself getting sort of nostalgic for school. I'd kick around the idea of going back and actually finishing a master's this time, but I don't know what I'd want to go for. I'm kind of over being an English major, and I was over being a journalism major years ago. I dunno. Maybe I'll go into theology or something.
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