The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Will somebody please make a hard drive that's guaranteed to last fifty lifetimes, and if it doesn't, you can rip the life out of somebody? Please? And a motherboard with the same policy? And a power supply?

(My desktop computer is fried as hell, which is why I haven't been online much from home lately. Can't afford to fix it till the first of the month. Laptop still works. Sort of. It's cranky and the cd burner doesn't work right and sometimes it makes horrible groaning noises. OK, this is way past my limit for a parenthetical aside.)

Lonzie's such a trip. He's totally comfortable now and is in full-on Curious Cat mode. He's still a really good boy, but he's poking around like a mofo. I wore him out with a catnip-filled sock tonight, though, so he's already asleep for the night, I think. =)

Family reunion is weekend after this in Starkville. Gee, I can't WAIT. ;) Actually, it will be good to see people--I haven't been to a reunion since 2000. But I can't help being a little . . . well, you know how it is, sitting around with the whole family on top of you for a weekend. Thankfully, I won't be too far from my place should the going get rough. ;)

I've been grilling more than any human should be allowed to. I'm serious. The amount of propane I've used has got to be affecting the ecosystem. It's been like five nights a week ever since I've been here. I would say that I'll probably cut down on my grilling once I get over the thrill of having a grill right outside my door (I didn't for the whole time I was in CT), but really that's always been the best kind of cooking I do. Well, that and deep-frying, but if I start deep-frying very much, I'll weigh 800 pounds in no time.

I have many delicious herbs growing on my front porch, and even a tomato plant and some jalapeno peppers.

In short, I don't miss Connecticut the slightest little bit. OK, OK, I do miss the apizza and Indian and Thai, and the proximity to New York. But I'm glad I made the trade.

OK, food's done.
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