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Have y'all SEEN this?!? For all I know, it could be old internest news by now, but it freakin' killed me when I saw it this morning. In fact, the managing editor walked in while I was playing it, and I couldn't get the sound turned down, and now I guess she thinks I listen to that kind of thing all the time. Which is kinda cool. ;)

Spirit of Truth, Beeyotch

Good gobbity goddog, I'm glad the work week is over tomorrow. I think everyone here has decided to try to blow my mind all of a sudden. Honky-lipped suckers. Anyway, as far as I know, I'll have my first full weekend home alone since moving, which'll be nice. I'd like to stop spinning around one of these days.

When I was in high school, there was an assistant principal named Walt the Dick. Well, I don't guess that was his name, but that's sure what we called him. One year, he developed this system whereby students would be allowed to come into the building and sit in the gym in the event of inclement weather. Sure enough, the first day it rained after institution of the policy, we got to school to find a sign on the front door: "INCLEMATE WEATHER." Thanks, Walt, for not thinking we had sense enough to come in out of the rain and posting a sign. And thanks for your attention to spelling. Did you have the secretary make that?

Anyway, Walt the Dick, yeah. We actually painted his nickname on the street outside his house, and I swear I think I remember Fool's blowing up a molotov cocktail out there, too. I swear, it's a wonder we never went to jail. Well, I didn't, anyway. ;)

Walt the Dick ended up leaving the city school system when he was elected superintendent of the county schools. His reign has been marred by several struggles, most notably the schools' continually being in danger of losing accreditation, and the time that a school had to be evacuated and closed for several days because of a SNAKE INFESTATION. Yes, my dears, it was snakes all up in it. I was in Starkville visiting at the time, and I was so happy that I got to read Walt the Dick trying to downplay that one in the newspaper.
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