The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

So I'm finally getting some books on the shelves! I have been so busy and wiped out that I hadn't even begun to unpack the scores of book boxes, but now the entertainment center is put together and some other bookshelves are placed around it, so I'm at least getting the living room in shape. I love love love my books (even if I haven't read half of them). I love the smell of them, the way they look on the shelf, how they feel, etc., etc., etc. I often think that I should take some books to a used store to get some cash--but how do you part with a book? I mean, if you've read it before, you might want to go back to it. And if you haven't read it, well, then presumably you would like to one day.

I'd never really realized how many Yale books I had. But I worked on at least 50 books a year for four years in ms. ed., so that does add up. And goddamn, we made some beautiful books. Looking through them tonight, I was really struck by how lucky I was to work there. Bookmaking like that is exceedingly rare these days--and I'm not applauding myself here, because I dealt w/ reprints, paperback conversions, and copubs, so most of the work was already done by the time projects came to me.

I don't get copies of the books I work on here. That's a minor thing, but it still sucks. :\

None of that is to say that I'm sorry I'm here. I get to do a lot more sorts of things, and already people are remarking on how well I can do things that I'm not supposed to know about. For that and a hundred other reasons, I'm still very very glad to be here, and I think I'll remain so.

But holy fuck, we made some beautiful books. ;)

ANYWAY. Enough of all that. I'm listening to ZZ fucking Top and digging the shit out of it. If you don't like the Top, you are RONG RONG RONG. I mean, listen to Billy Gibbons! He's God.

I'm going to Starkville sometime this wknd. I can't decide whether to go Saturday or Sunday. Probably Sunday, as I'd like to have a full day home alone, which I haven't had since the move.

I still have so many electronic things to catch up on. I need to edit pictures, answer emails, post to the public blog I promised folks in CT, blah blah blah. But right now I'm going to sleep.
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