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I am listening to Slayer in my office, and you are not. Yes, I'm aware that many of you would not trade places with me. Fuck y'all. :D

Two more hours until my first real weekend after starting work. Two weeks ago, Mom was still here and we were doing a lot of work in the apartment, and last weekend I was in the Big Greasy. So I'm looking forward to FINALLY catching up on sleep; I've been deprived for the last six weeks or so, and I always have to catch up eventually or I'll go crazy. So I'm gonna do a lot of nothing this weekend, I think. Well, I do have to go to Chattanooga and pick up Mom's cat Spree to bring her back to stay w/ me while Mom and John are in Europe for a couple of weeks. I guess I'll do that tomorrow, so I guess my weekend's not going to be as uneventful as I was thinking for a minute. Oh well.

Aside from the jitters that come with learning a new place and getting settled, I really dig my job. I get to do a lot of different stuff, from estimating prices and doing bid requests to editing to typesetting text to putting together jackets and covers. It's so nice to get to learn some new things, and it reminds me of what a rut I was in in my last job. And I can see myself eventually dominating the joint. =)

And, you know, there's the whole Slayer thing.
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