The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Mmmmmm, day-old coffee. *goat*

I was gonna post some pictures from New Orleans, but this Mac is driving me crazy. The Photoshop settings are all twisted up like a weiner package and everything's showing up way dark when I look at it on a PC. And iPhoto is dumb because I don't know where the goddamn files reside.

I still can't get with Macs like I'd like to. They're sleek and smooth and all that, but they're so goddamn GOOFY. And hey, what do the "home" and "end" keys do on a Mac? They don't work like they do on a PC, and it's making me batshit. I'm used to hitting those to go to the beginnings and ends of lines of text. I can't even figure out what they're supposed to be doing on this system.

Anyway. Trip to New Orleans was good, but I was glad to get home. Kinda felt like crap all day yesterday because I was overtired. Doing much better today.

So yeah, New Orleans was weird. I'm still sorting out my thoughts on that one. I generally had a good time, though. I got to hang out with some of my new colleagues and some of my old ones, which was nice. And I got some good food--a muffuletta at Central Grocery, soft-shell crabs at Galatoire's, crawfish etouffee at Mother's (they were out of po-boy bread!), and of course beignets at Cafe du Monde.

Will probly post some thoughts on the whole thing once I have them. ;)

Oh, apparently my stepbrother thinks he's Snoop Dogg these days. Growing up, this kid was one of the biggest nerds on the planet, and now he's telling his dad that he's gonna get a gat and roll up on some busters. That's only one of the things in this e-mail that make me cringe; I'm sure you'll have no trouble picking out a few of the others. Behold LL Fool J:
Hey thanks!

And thanks for the early birthday present too, k?

Fortunately I left the rest of my money in the house. I just got beat down for my bicycle. Have to get out of this neighborhood. I know where they hang at. I've got a nce chrome .38. Maybe when i get back from the hospital i'll load up a few shells. i know i shouldn't but these young blacks got to have respect. I aint no snitch. when we move, a week later ; that is if i calm down tonite; i'm gonna do all three.

can't breathe to good now. broken rib on back right side. got a bill for 761 from miss blue cross blue shield. do you want me to try to pay on it?

cee-cee had her kittens this afternoon. 6 - two b/w spotted, one black, two tiger stripe and one almost black

Nigger. It's not a term I use lightly. Jen's here. When she's off the phone i may call lee-lee and get the Mossburg for them asses. thats 187, murder. they don't know me from adam.

i'm a bit too tempted.

fortunately i have been saving some oxycodone pills the doctor gave me for my back. i think its time to break those out. hurts bad to breathe. look there's something elese we need to talk about. i'm 135 pounds and falling.i can't stop it. gorge myself whenever i can with protein. soon as she's off the phone i'm going to fax the stuff to the dpa to get my stamps and medical on. maybe have to use photoshop to change some dates.

cleaned out billy's room, found a lot of our stuff. glad to be rid of him.

hope you are still sending me a phone card.

early happy fathers day, k?

love, john.

I mean, what is that? LOOK, DAD, I'M HARDCORE--NOW SEND ME A PHONE CARD. It's a shame. You wouldn't know it from this message, but John's a brilliant guy. Of course, I don't guess intelligence always has much to do with having one's life together.
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