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Talk radio is a cesspool. I don't listen to a lot of it, but every once in a while I put it on for a while. It goes without saying that I can't listen to Limbaugh or Liddy or the rest of those douchebags, but I can't even listen to Air America, the liberal network. I've had it on in the car over the past few days, and I agree with most of what they say, but I just hate the tone. It's all so self-congratulatory and nasty, same as the conservative fucks. Politics makes me sick.

I talked with my friend Wes last night, and we agreed that we're going to dust off the meat hooks, head out to the country, and prepare for the shit to go down, which it inevitably will. We revisit this plan ever so often, and eventually it's gonna have to go into action. Meat hook survivalists, we are. VIVE LE MEAT HOOK.
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