The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

frackinfrickin: you should have seen this crosseyed fucker in outpatient tonight
dichotomous: *laugh* tell me about him
dichotomous: what's his deal?
frackinfrickin: he crosseyed as hell
frackinfrickin: ;-)
dichotomous: heh
frackinfrickin: that's about all I know about him--this was his first night
frackinfrickin: this other new woman was talking about the mustard seed of fear
dichotomous: mustard seed?
dichotomous: of fear.
dichotomous: uh huh.
frackinfrickin: that's what I said
frackinfrickin: right before I said, "killer name for a band!"
dichotomous: *laugh* of course!
frackinfrickin: I had to give a list of my long-term goals tonight
dichotomous: care to share with me?
frackinfrickin: I said I wanted to show that I have a lot of flavor
dichotomous: and that you can kick dope rhymes?
frackinfrickin: and they looked at ME funny. "mustard seed of fear" gets no reaction, but my flavor gets sidelong glances from the cockeyed folk
frackinfrickin: absotively
dichotomous: don't worry about what them cockeyed folk got to say. you show your flavor to whoever the hell you want
dichotomous: whomever?
frackinfrickin: yap. :-) damn straight. them whomevers can just deal with it
dichotomous: hehehe
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