The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

So, with beer in hand (disguised in a plastic Mets cup), I was walking back from the store after stocking up with pocketfuls of cigarettes (folks starting in recovery are required by law to smoke hardcore, you know), and I heard, "Hi, Chris!" in a sing-song voice from across the street. I looked over, saw a pixie-lookin' girl wearing a tie-dye shirt and looking at me, and said, "Hey!" I soon realized that I had NO IDEA who she was. We were still walking opposite directions and looking at each other. I called, "Who's that?" She yelled out, "HUH?!?" I just kind of shook my head and walked on.

That sort of thing sort of freaks me out.

I had to buy an electric shaver yesterday, for they don't allow actual razors up in the lockdown. I used it tonight. Now I know why I've never used one before: these things SUCK! I've still got whiskers like crazy, it took me probably five minutes longer than a razor does, and it didn't do any wonders for my skin. I spent forty bucks for this? I should just let it grow while I'm there, but with this patchy growth I get, they'll probably tell me look like Charles Manson with mange and make me shave.

Thank dog I didn't use it on my boys.
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