The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

morning thoughts

Hey, does anyone have a copy of the Playboy from last month or so that had an article on Hunter S. Thompson? Would you be willing to part with it? You can even tear out the centerfold if it's a sticking point. In fact, if it's, um, a sticking point, then I really don't want it.

Dammit. The organist at some baseball game I was watching this weekend was playing the Violent Femmes (?!?), so now I have "Raisin in the Sun" in my head. It could've at least been "Add it Up."

I'm back at work. I should've taken a picture of myself this morning--I hadn't bothered to shave in about ten days, so I had a totally stylin', patchy, 16-year-old redneck beard goin' on. If I hadn't had a haircut recently, I would've looked like the Unabomber's neglected manchild.

Health-food stores always amaze me. How do the hippies afford to eat? You can't get a jar or a box or a bottle of anything in one of those places for less than about $7.50. I mean, I guess they save by not buying soap, but damn.
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