The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Subject: random birthday searches

hi chris-
so, you are either thinking right now, who is this random girl emailing
me OR hey, i think i knew this girl evonne in another life (and why is
she emailing me).

if it's the first and you're not the chris heller i met maybe 10 years
ago in arizona, then you can delete this, or read on in curiousity...

tonight is the eve of my 32nd birthday and i have been (as i often am
on birthdays) in a pensive, retrospective mindset about my life.
probably fairly typical, and not worth going into...but around 1am i
found in my closet several letters that you wrote me when we first met
and you had stayed on in arizona. they totally moved me (as they often
have throughout the years when randomly, i'll search back through
journals and books, reading in an attempt probably to see how far i
have grown up, even when in the moment, i can't always feel it).

but your words always sounded so true and safe. i had this urge to find
out how you were doing...and then a modern thought occurred to me:

i came across your site and have been reading through it for a bit and
i'm pretty sure this is you. i can tell by the voice, the humor, the
intelligence, the music and the hunter s. thompson.

like i said, if you don't know me, then it's your lucky random email
day and you can tell all your friends some crazy girl emailed you a
whole deep birthday story.

but i hope this is you. and i just wanted to say hi and make sure you
are ok. and to thank you for some of the most beautiful and honest
letters i've ever received.


I seem to have affected this girl's life profoundly--except for the fact that I've never been to Arizona. But I can't help wondering what would happen if I replied: "Yes. YES. That's me, all right! And I must tell you . . . I long for you. Now HAVE ME. Have me, I'm a love albatross!" Certainly I can exploit this case of mistaken identity for some ass, no?

I do wonder who this cat is she's talking about. Is it possible that some imposter is running around? Who the heck would want to be me?
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