The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

LJ polls confuse me. It seems like I always have to click around about eight times before I find the results I want. View poll results. See answers. View poll results. Etc.

Anyway, here's what I saw at lunch today.

I love this dude. He hangs out on the corner of Broadway and York and is always talking some kind of shit. Usually he's doing that "badda boom, badda bing" thing that I used to think was only in the movies. I took about fifteen pictures of him as I was eating my burrito today. Here he's explaining something in no uncertain terms to--well, to absolutely no one.

Dining-hall workers are minions of Satan. That's why I love them so.

Julie Andrews has written a book about my schmock.

How do you think that little guy got on top of that mountain of shoes?

LJ-cuts are for girls.

We're headed to NYC for the weekend. I hope the rain stays away and I'm able to get some good pictures.
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