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Man, it was a beautiful day today. Clear sky, 70 degrees, nice breeze. Mom and I drove down to knock around in Fairfield and Westport and ended up in Norwalk at the quite strange but very cool grocery store Stew Leonard's. It's hard to describe--it's kind of like a food theme park, complete with cow mascots and singing chickens. Instead of being laid out like a normal supermarket, the store is set up so that you wind around a labyrinthine path. And the place was jam-packed. Navigating the lane was like the Indy 500. Lots of good food there, though. We came home with some really nice-looking shrimp, some gargantuan boneless chicken breasts, nice produce, and some bread and cheese that the display guy Izzy described as combining to create "a symphony of flavor." Oh yeah, and a giant bag of pistachios. I'm all about the nuts. We were kind of beat after we got back home, though, so we ended up not cooking and got a primavera apizza from Dayton Street. Food is good.

This coming weekend, we're going to NYC. We have tickets for Doubt and the revival of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? We both love Albee, and of course Virginia Woolf is a favorite. This'll be the third Albee play we've seen in NY. We also plan on going to the Diane Arbus exhibit at the Met, shopping the antiques markets, checking out the farmer's market at Union Square, scoring some high-class scag, and indulging in a lot more good food. Excellent.

Word UP--I just found Robert Tilton on BET. I love that guy. No one can speak in tongues like that cat. Mashi mala kondi. Ala tondi ma sha kanda. SHEEMA LA KAMODA. A HADMI AHD MAKSHEEYA! I still remember when I used to get mailings from him. He sent out prayer cloths, anointing oils, and outlines of feet that you were supposed to place your foot on and send back to him for financial blessings. Y'all should see the Mondo Tilton video compliation that I have. Comedy goodness. He's telling me to pledge a thousand dollars for the work of God. As God prospers, you prosper.

YES, he just spoke in tongues. A SOYA MAKA SA TOYO. And he told me to make God a cake. Now I can go to bed.
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