The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Wow--Netscape is now based on Firefox rather than regular Mozilla. Not that anyone gives a shit. Remember when Netscape was pretty much the only web browser anyone used? I loved the "Navigator" thing--it made you feel like it was really considering things and figuring out the best route to the goat porn you'd selected.

When did you start using the internet? It was early 1997 for me. I was somewhat late actually getting on the web, but I was accessing Compuserve and BBSs on my excellent Commodore 64 as early as 1985--but when I started playing guitar and drinking rum, computers kind of went by the wayside for a decade or so.

Let's make this into a poll.

Poll #471114 web cred

When did you get up on the internets?

I'm digging my Carlin icon. Check out how many of my icons feature fucked-up faces. F'real.

Good lord, I've gotten into a legal discussion of jaywalking.
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