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Buchanan salad-dressing followup: Mohawk dude explains himself. And yeah, OK, I did feel the tiniest bit bad for Pat. But I mostly got over it. I do give him credit for not pressing charges or lambasting the radical acts of the loony left-wingers, though.

I've been kinda silent over the past few days 'cuz I'm in freelancer hell right now, trying to finish a project and holing myself up at night.

Any of you New Haveneers who haven't heard: we might be getting a Craigslist. They have a temporary but functional site up now, but people have to use it for it to stay up. So if you have any apartments to sub-lease, used panties to sell, or dogs that need walking, give it a shot.

**What is Craigslist?**

Started in San Francisco in 1995 by Craig Newmark as an
e-newsletter for his friends on area arts and technology events,
Craigslist has become a hugely popular online community and public forum website where people buy and sell wares, post housing and job listings, discuss current events, trade humor, share their poetry and more. Craigslist now serves 99 cities in 19 countries and the lists receive 5 million postings a month. The lists attract 7 million visitors and 1.7 billion page views each month.

**We want a New Haven Craigslist**

Members of TGWNN have been working on getting Craigslist to come to New Haven. Hartford has a Craigslist which has served as the defacto New Haven list, but we want our own list!

**What to do to help**

Craigslist has set up a usable and temporary website at

In order to convince them to put New Haven on their site permanently, we need to get people to go to the temporary site they have created for New Haven. Craigslist will decide whether to officially launch in New Haven depending on our usage. So the more people that go to the website the better chance of getting our very own Craigslist in New Haven.

So hit away! And spread the word!

Here's the address:

edit: Oh yeah, one question:

Is it rude to fake-cough the word "hipster!!!" when you pass one on the street?

yes, but it's justified
one of those kids is going to slap you with his corduroy one of these days
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