The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

It's cleanup day here at the press. I hope I can make as dramatic a difference as last year.

GAH. Last year it was the Talking Heads and the Smiths. This year it's They Might Be Giants. Mixmaster Dan has a real flair for putting on bands that I respect but have no interest in listening to. Oh Jesus, now it's that Malcolm song.

Wrote this yesterday but forgot to post:

Do you have certain people whose name you always think you're going to forget? Like there's this guy who works here named Steve, but for some reason "Scott" keeps creeping into my brain, so that whenever I call him by name, I always have that feeling that I could be calling him by the right name. And man, it's embarrassing when you call someone by the wrong name. One time I worked with this waiter whose last name was Goodwin, and everyone called him Goody. But one day I called him Woody, and he really took offense. Then there was the time I was playing first base in little league and trying to make chatter. I loudly cheered the pitcher, "Strike him out, Will! . . . I mean Joe!" We did have a Will on the team, but he was a black guy, and Brad was this little white kid with a lot of freckles. Oops.
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