The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Dammit. I went in the wrong place for lunch and came out with that "Oh what a night, blah blah blah blah blah blah 1963" song in my head. It's snakes all up in it.

So to cleanse my palate, I am listening to Accept. This song is one of the many reasons that I love Accept so. Please make me happy and listen to this song.

"Son of a Bitch"

You make the stars
Illusions and dreams
You’re what you are
D’you know what I mean

I hear you clear
See in your eyes
Lying to please
It pleases to lie

You say it’s your way
You say we’ll make it
Right to the top
Your bullshit gets me
What have you got

I don’t believe
A word you say
You make me laugh
Get outta my way

You say it’s your way
Now listen to what I think of you:

Son of a bitch
Kiss my ass
Son of a bitch
Son of a bitch
You asshole
Son of a bitch
Cock suckin’ motherfucker
I was right - take this: uuaah

Son of a bitch, ...

Cut you three times below the ass--too short to shit
Two timing son of a dog
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