The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

wickedflea: I've petered out--I'm ready to go home
bellastrega: k baby- have a good night
wickedflea: yeah, but I don't get to for another 25 min!
bellastrega: oh hell. nap time!
wickedflea: my boss will cut my belly open if I try to escape
wickedflea: yap--I need to go get in the elevator and bar the door
wickedflea: I need curtains around my work area
bellastrega: how about a fog machine?
wickedflea: ooooh yeah
wickedflea: but if I had the fog going on, I might get the insatiable urge to Rock
wickedflea: and you know these sheltered honkies can't take it if I do commence to Rocking up in here
bellastrega: no, they'd just about lose they shit
wickedflea: I'll show 'em a confederate profile, by god
bellastrega: headbangin
wickedflea: yap, and with large vegetables down my trousers
bellastrega: !!!=-O
wickedflea: I have such big dreams
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