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if you kill my dog, I'mma slay your cat

I say "buttfuckass" quite often when I'm driving. I have no idea where that even came from.

I love Yale's page where you can see whether the university is closed because of weather. We could be having a typhoon and that page would still read, "The current weather status is normal." This place never shuts down.

On the bus in this morning, I was listening to Public Enemy and thinking about HUHs. You know, HUHs. Those grunt noises some singers make at strategic points in songs, like in a pause in a riff. Listen to 2:16-2:21 of this Testament tune and you'll get what I mean. We used to listen to that part over and over again, screaming, "Goddamn, that was a great HUH!" That Chuck Billy sure can do some HUHs. Axl Rose actually did some excellent HUHs back in the Appetite days, before he went to Mars. Who else does good HUHs?

Axl Rose is an anagram of Oral Sex. That's one observation I wish I hadn't made.

That "lotion on its skin" song is still killing me.
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