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It astounds me that some people can get it together to put their pants on in the morning, much less navigate their ways out of their houses. I was in the coffee area at the courthouse today, and I saw some dude tugging on the hinge side of the refrigerator door and looking quite confused. I'd never opened that fridge before, but what the hell--I said, "Try the other side." So he did, and whaddya know, it opened! He said, "Well, jeez, how would you know?" I just kinda shook my head. I guess the guy hasn't discovered the concept of trial and error. Then he stood there gazing into an empty refrigerator for a good fifteen seconds. I said, "You looking for creamer and stuff?" He said yeah, so I pointed to the big cart with creamer and sweetener that he'd walked past probably a minute and a half before. I think that guy needed a stronger stimulant than coffee.

And yesterday, as I was sitting in the same area, I saw a woman make doing a crossword puzzle into a spectator sport. First she had to find one, so she noisily rustled through all the sections of the various newspapers until she spotted one. Then she made a big production out of ripping the page out. Next, she started reading each clue. "A seven-letter word for a place to keep ice cream? How'm I gonna know that?" She looked at me incredulously. I shook my head, but for a different reason than she probably figured. She went back to the puzzle, but soon started babbling again. "Hey, how do you spell 'twirl'? It says it's a four-letter word for 'turn.' T-W-I-L? Hmmmmmm . . . Jeez, this is a hard one!" I had to get up and leave so I wouldn't snatch the puzzle away and do it myself.

Hmmmmm. Am I a little cranky? I guess a week of jury duty and too much time in the coffee room will do that. *twitch*
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