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create your own visited states map

I think that's all of them. I'm all contiguous and shit. I may have been to Arkansas and/or South Carolina, but I can't remember anytime I did.

Y'all should invite me out to some of those states I haven't visited yet.

My foot hurts. :\

Super Bowl is this weekend and I really don't care since the Stillers aren't gonna be in it. Maybe I'll watch Eating Raoul or somesing.

Oh, that (as everything) reminds me of a funny story. In 1988, Whitesnake and Great White played a show in Starkville. It was the second show I'd ever been to. Bon Jovi/Cinderella was the first, a year earlier. SHUT UP. I wasn't a fan of any of those bands, but when you live in the middle of nowhere and you're all about the rock and roll, you'll go see just about anyone. (I did, however, stay away from the Night Ranger show.) Anyway, we found out that Rudy Sarzo and Adrian Vandenberg were going to be doing an appearance at Backstage Music in Columbus (when there was such a thing), so everyone in my band, Dry Heave, skipped school and went. Hey, Rudy Sarzo played with Ozzy, so he's kinda cool. So when Tom, Wes, Kirk, and I got up to meet them, we started talking shit. I said, "Hey, man, WE'RE the big band around here! We're Dry Heave!" Rudy freaked and said something like, "DRY HEAVE?!?! What's that, like Ralph in Eating Raoul?" And I must say that he left me speechless. I still don't know what he was talking about. I don't think a Ralph was even in Eating Raoul.

Other Dry Heave memories:

Kirk made a Dry Heave T-shirt in art class. It was a big toilet with "Dry Heave" above it.

Kirk also carved "Dry Heave" in the wall of the hallway in school. Kirk really liked being in Dry Heave.

Our two shows under that name were Fred Brown's house party, where we played some Judas Priest, Metallica, Ozzy, and M.O.D. covers, along with our two hit songs, "Death" and "Dogballs"; and the 1988 school talent show, where we played "Rock You Like a Hurricane." I'm not telling you who sang that one.

We had two usual practice places: our drummer Tom's house (sometimes upstairs and sometimes outside (!)) and the Mosh Palace, which was a pavilion at McKee Park that happened to have electricity. People would always tell us that they could hear us from their houses.

I can't remember all the lyrics, but the first lines of "Death" were:

You're on the street
You can't find your feet
You have met the reaper
And now they sort your meat
Six feet underneath
A car grill holds your teeth

That's all I can remember. But that'll tell you what kind of songsmiths we were. ;)
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