The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

are you threatening me? I AM CORNHOLIO

... A Blizzard Warning remains in effect for this afternoon through
Sunday morning...

Snow will move in this afternoon. The snow will become very heavy
late this afternoon and evening..and may mix with sleet tonight as
warmer air moves in aloft. Total snow accumulations will be 16 to 24
inches by Sunday evening. In addition to the snow... northeast winds
will increase this afternoon... and will be quite gusty tonight and
Sunday morning. Winds may gust up to 55 mph late tonight and Sunday
morning... allowing visibilities to drop to near zero at times. These
winds will result in significant blowing and drifting of snow as well
as power outages. Wind chill values will be below zero at times.

A Blizzard Warning means that sustained wind speeds or frequent
gusts of over 35 mph are expected with considerable falling and or
blowing and drifting snow. Visibilities will become poor... with
whiteout conditions at times. Those venturing outdoors may become
lost or disoriented... so people in the warning area should stay

Any travel is strongly discouraged. If you leave the safety of being
indoors... you are putting your life at risk.

This is a life-threatening winter weather situation! Preparations to
protect life and property should completed by noon today!
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