The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Margaret the Shakespeare Lady almost ran me down again as I turned the corner a little while ago. All of a sudden I caught something out of the corner of my eye, and ACK there's Margaret running and waving. The last time she did that, she was in the car before I knew what was happening. She probably wanted a date or somesing somesing.

The grocery store is much more fun when you're listening to "Children of the Grave."

I keep seeing this guy wearing an Uncle Sam suit and waving at people outside a tax-preparation joint on Whalley Ave. Tonight I yelled, "GET A JOB, HIPPIE!"

I'm going to start wearing a goddamn coon-skin hat, a '70s-ass denim shirt with patches all over it, and some humongous flares to goth clubs, see if I don't.
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