The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

I finished reading Permanent Midnight last night. Then I scrounged around on the shelves and found a copy of the movie that I'd never watched. I thought the book was quite good, but the movie sucked dogschlong. It ended after 88 minutes, and I said, "Is that IT?!?" It screwed around so many details and left out so much. Bummer.

Tonight I was in the grocery store in the frozen-foods aisle, and I saw a brand of frozen pizza I'd never seen before: BITE MY SLICE.

I could NOT believe it. It was all I could do not to pull one out, show it to the woman next to me, and ask, "Bite my slice?" But I resisted. However, I'm thinking about dressing up as an old man, setting up a sample table in the store, and moaning, "Bite my slice. . . . Bite my slice . . ." Don't you think that would be a good career move for me?
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