The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

OK, I'm bedded down for the night in Kingsport, TN--about 700 miles from New Haven and 500 from my destination of Starkville, MS. I ate at a Waffle House in Winchester, VA, a few hours ago, and all is well, except that it's fucking cold as feet.

Virginia is one big-ass, boring-to-drive-through state. It's about 330 miles the way I come through, and there's not a worthwhile thing in most of the state except a whole gang of Waffle Houses and cheap cigarettes.

Currently I'm freaking out because the fluorescent light over the mirror in this motel room makes it quite evident that I am totally fucking grey-headed. I swear, two more years and I'll be a complete greybeard, minus the beard.

When I was getting gas in Winchester, there was a towheaded woman wearing a beret at the pump next to me in a car with a "I think, therefore I vote Republican" bumper sticker, and I totally called her a honky motherfucker.
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