The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Yikes. Tonight I'm starting to write a sort of memoir-like thing (I feel so silly saying "memoir") that I've had in my head for quite some time. It had a lot more focus when I first conceived it, but I'm thinking about broadening the scope, so it's a little overwhelming here at the beginning. I'm good at telling little anecdotes and stuff (I think), but to string them together into some sort of coherent narrative is a bit daunting. OK, a lot daunting. But hey, maybe they don't have to be tied together as one long narrative. Perhaps a collection of shorter pieces is best--maybe I can invest enough common meaning in each piece so that I don't have to connect all the dots. I dunno. The thing right now is to write it. I should know from college that I am not the sort of writer who can figure out everything beforehand. I can't just churn something out. I have to think/write myself through things before I realize what they are. So time to do it. I know there's good stuff here; I just have to get it down.

You ever look at your old journal entries and think, goddamn, I was a much better writer then? I know a lot of people say that they cringe when they read their old stuff. And I do cringe at some of my old entries. But geez, I used to write about ideas. These days I'm all about goofy pictures, one-liners, and baseball. Eh. Maybe it's cyclical and I'm just in a low point.
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