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I have to say I'm not surprised--I haven't been at all optimistic about this election from the get-go. I did have a few moments of dim optimism yesterday when I heard that so many people were going to the polls, but apparently that didn't work in Kerry's favor, or at least not enough.

It's like a morgue in here--everyone looks like hell! But at least it's good to have like-minded people to grouse with. Four years ago, it was a little different. I was in Mississippi, and even on a college campus, it was total Bush country. I remember getting in a shouting match at the newspaper office with some of the kids on the staff and the business manager. (That was the same business manager who reacted to the news that a black student had called to complain about a perceived bias in a news story with, "And they wonder why we hate 'em!") I walked out of the office that day thinking, "Liberal media, my ass." (Yes, I'm aware that the MSU student paper is not exactly the New York Times. But it gave me something to chuckle over. You gotta find something, right?)

*angriness snipped in the interest of decorum*
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