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The Full Hot Orator

From the Birmingham News today:

  • MOBILE, Ala. -- A 56-year-old Mobile man was arrested Thursday after officers found his 80-year-old mother, who had been hit in the head with a hammer, unresponsive and bleeding from the mouth in her Toulmin Avenue house, Mobile police said.

Clarence Ira Wiggins told officers that the fight with his mother began after she struck him on the side of the head with a plate, according to police spokesman Officer Ron Wallace.

"After she hit him with the plate, (Wiggins said) she came after him with a hatchet, and he in turn hit her upside the head with a hammer," Wallace said.

  • A letter to the editor:

Frothy milk a rip-off

Espresso, steamed milk, frothy milk. Those are the ingredients for cappuccino, and it sounds simple enough right? Perfectly harmless? Wrong. Because if you omit the frothy milk from that equation, you get what the men of the cafe call a latte.

And frothy milk, in case you've never taken the lid off, happens to take up the top one-third of the cup. Tasteless, lighter-than-cotton-candy frothy milk. I've been getting ripped off for years, and I'm madder than a cuckolded badger that none of the respectable coffee establishments thought highly enough of me to explain that a latte produces more bang for the buck. What good is frothy milk anyway? How has it bettered humanity? Has it rescued children from wells or negotiated an armistice that has all the fellows slapping each other on the back in good humor? I think it was added as a topper just so people could say "frothy," and it's high time someone sounded the whistle and exposed this appalling scam.

Reggie Tennyson
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