The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

So I was in Tuscaloosa last night and today to take care of some business before I head north at the end of the week. I didn't feel like trying to find a couch to sleep on, so I just got a motel room. But at the first motel I went to, they flippin' turned me away because they don't take LOCALS. I was gabberflasted. I wasn't taking a whore there--I just wanted a place to sleep! And damn, my driver's license may have a local address, and I may have lived there for two years, but I am not and never was a LOCAL. I should have gotten another bumper sticker: "I'm not with you fuckers; I just live here." That'd fit me just about anywhere I lived. :D

This afternoon after I'd visited my insurance agent and the car-tag place and my storage joint, I stopped at McDonald's on my way out of town to drop the bomb and get a Coke. While I was at the drink station, an older lady was fawning over a little girl, saying she looked JUST like her niece when she was little--had the same face, hair, everything! She just couldn't believe it. Eventually the little girl went back to her table, and the lady turned to me and said, "She looks just like her! Even has the same teeth!"

Her face fell, and she lowered her voice. "They ended up having to have her teeth veneered," she confessed.
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