The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

I dunno if this is a hazing thing or what the fuck. All's I know is that this joker was running down the street near the strip on a flippin' Wednesday afternoon with a damn Alabama flag on his shoulder. He was SO PROUD that I was taking his picture, too.

You'll notice the big "A" is also on his right arm. And on his left arm is the word "jammer" (part of the 'Bama cheer "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer"). I'm sure "rammer" must appear on the other arm, and it's a distinct possibility that he has "yellow hammer" emblazoned on the insides of his thighs. "Jammer" seems to be tattooed backwards or something. I guess it's probably so it shows up correctly if he holds his arms a certain way when he's jacking off in the mirror or something.

I can't believe I live here.
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