The Full Hot Orator (wickedflea) wrote,
The Full Hot Orator

Holycrap. On my old laptop I just found a bunch of pictures that my mom scanned and sent me like three years ago.

Halloween, probably '78. Darth Heller in the fucking house.

Another Halloween get-up from '79 or '80. I think I was going for a Travolta-in-Grease look, but the Adidas shoes kinda threw off the authenticity. Oh, and that Omni ended up being my first car several years later. When Dry Heave used to go practice at the Mosh Palace, we'd somehow cram four guys, a couple of guitars and a bass, and a drum set into that hatchback. Amazing.

One year I had to be a fucking ZEBRA for the school play. At least I didn't have to be a clock like the chick on my right or a burnout like the kid in the middle, though.

I may have posted this one before, actually, but what the hell, yanno?

A famous family photo. Apparently I'd stolen my brother's boots and had so much fun I passed out. I was probably on a bender.

And finally, here's where my parents bought me: on a clearance table next to a lettuce crisper.
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